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Trends in 2017: What Every Tech Savvy Traveler Should Know

Catch up with the latest travel trends and learn how IoT technology has played a pivotal role in achieving the perfect travel experience. With 30 years of industrial solutions manufacturing, Advantech is there to assist customers in building platforms that support transportation industry certifications and environmental protection.

High Speed Production Line with Precise Inspection

Consumers are now more concerned with food safety; with details such as ingredients and place of origin are now placed top priority when it comes to purchasing any food items. Want to find out more about how Advantech's AIIS-5410P is effortlessly helping the food industry? Read the case study.

The Down-low of the Embedded Linux & Android Alliance (ELAA)

So happy to announce that Advantech held a press conference with global software partners last month! The Embedded Linux & Android Alliance (ELAA) is an organization initiated by Advantech. The ELAA is an industry alliance committed to driving the standardized board... Continue Reading →

Go Above and Beyond with IoT

Following the boom of IoT, here at Advantech, we stress the importance of how important connectivity is within our products. Learn more about the advantages and benefits with using IoT products! Check out our first IoT video here.

Considerations for Dependable Industrial IoT for Manufacturing

There is a future-proof benefit to the value that an IIoT solution such as this one. Once a data can be gathered, compiled and passed in an interoperable format, the data is there for Big Data calculations for production optimization and Predictive Maintenance.

What’s the Big Idea with IIoT?

Everyone in tech talks about IIoT, and everyone seems to know what it is, but do you?

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Advantech is only successful because of its passionate and dedicated employees. Meet the Embedded IoT Alliance team.

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