An important benefit of IIoT is the ability to design Advantech IoT structurereal-time industrial control data to flow into Big Data and analytic software applications for business intelligence calculations. The result is the ability for organizations to search, monitor, analyze that data to not only minimize future expenses, but to ultimately deliver better value to their customers.
An established system integrator required compute and networking hardware to successfully implement an Industrial IoT solution for a multinational consumer goods manufacturer for the process manufacturing of food/beverage and personal care products. Since the Operational Data was isolated from the rest of the IT network in their organization, the manufacturer had a company mandate to implement IoT at their facilities, predominantly to gain business intelligence.With a complicated manufacturing process, as many as 6 machines were involved for a single process step. Each machine required sensory data to be measured at a fast rate. The challenge was the proper selection of equipment to manage the flow of data on machinery daily usage patterns, to optimize for productivity and measure the impact on operating expenses over time. Getting this data to the Business application layer with a dashboard view that the SI designed would insure the visibility in the central office of every output from systems at different facilities from a global scope.Want to learn our take on the solution? Read more about this case study here